Medical Services & Treatments

Medical Services
& Treatments

List of Medical Services

Screenings Physicals Wellness

All screenings, physicals, and wellness tests conducted by the Healthy Results team of St. Lucie County are in full compliance with the latest medical guidelines recommended for patients in North America.

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Conditions We Treat

Our physicians use the latest evidence-based therapies and treatments to ensure you receive the highest possible levels of care while a patient of Healthy Results.

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School Camp & Sports Physicals

Dr. Dameron is always happy to discuss important health issues with children and their guardians, and this includes an overall physical exam. These tests can help ensure that your child is physically healthy.

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Preoperative Clearance

A preoperative clearance, more commonly known as a pre-op exam, must be conducted prior to any form of surgery to evaluate how well your body can handle the stress of the planned procedure, and heal from it.

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Aesthetics Procedures

We offer a complete range of minimally invasive procedures that will make you look and feel younger. The years aren't always as kind to us as we might like, but the team at Healthy Results can help.

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Personal Injury Claims

We are concerned with your personal health, and when an accident happens we want the best treatment for you. Your provider will inform you of all the options available to help you in your recovery. Dr. Dameron and staff are here to help you every step of the way.

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