Benefits Not Found in a Traditional Primary Care Office ONLY with our Concierge Medicine Practice

Personal Medical Attention That Includes:

  • Personal, direct communication with the doctor 24/7 via cell phone, text or email (members receive personal contact information)
  • College students receive video conferencing or phone consultations with direct communication with your student Health Clinic
  • Little to no wait time with same day/next day appointments
  • Unhurried, extended office visits, so you can spend more time with your doctor due to limited practice size
  • Home visits (when medically necessary), Nursing/ALF calls/visits whether sick or well
  • Video visits to eliminate the need for in-person visits or ER visits
  • Phone calls that are answered directly, when possible and calls returned promptly, so you’re not waiting for answers
  • Personal health coaching
  • Patient education
  • Fast communication of lab and test results
  • Direct communication with your specialists, as well as family members upon your request
  • Online scheduling
  • Easily access your records
  • Nutrition counseling, including menu planning and diabetic teaching to keep you healthy

Other Concierge Medicine Services

  • Availability of vaccines in office, with insurance or Medicare
  • In the office, blood draws for lab work at no additional charge
  • EKG’s available in-office for no additional charge
  • Courtesy visits when hospitalized at Port St. Lucie Hospital
  • If hospitalized, Dr. Dameron will act as your health care advocate to assist with treatment decisions
  • If you are in the ER, Dr. Dameron will personally contact the doctor caring for you