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Back to School, Camp & Sports Physicals

Dr. Dameron is always happy to discuss important health issues with children and their guardians, and this includes an overall physical exam. A basic physical can help ensure that your child is both healthy and physically capable of taking part in sporting and other activities, both in school and during extracurricular activities. We offer these health checks for children of 7 years of age, or older.


What you can expect

  • A complete review of your child's health history
  • A thorough exam to ensure suitable health and fitness levels for school, sports and other activities
  • An update of age-appropriate immunizations, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics

Parents should:

  • Contact your child's school, camp, or sports association for any specific recommendations or requirements.
  • Ensure that your child fasts for at least 6 hours prior to their visit, as labs may be required. Encourage them to drink water right up to the time of the labs..
  • Bring any necessary forms or letters that need to be completed by our physicians.

If you need to schedule a Back-to-School, Camp or Sports Physical,
please call our office at 772.800.3037 to request an appointment.

Together we can achieve Healthy Results.