I trust Dr. Dameron with my life and have so much faith in your abilities as a doctor.
M. Nemeroff
In all the years, and all the places I lived; never has a doctor called us at home to explain medical conditions to either my husband or myself. It meant a lot to us. Thanks for being who you are; not just what you do.
B. & P. West
Dr. Dameron is the best physician I’ve ever met! Caring, friendly, professional, and intelligent are just a few words that describe him and his practice. I was very satisfied… he made me feel like family.
K. Kneiff
Dr. Dameron is an excellent physician. He is very thorough, kind, and his office staff are top notch! He saved our son’s life, and I will be forever grateful! He is going to the concierge practice model, and we are going to continue to stay with him.
Julie R.